Image courtesy of Jeffrey Smudde


Katy Rodden Walker is a transdisciplinary artist and educator who lives in Massachusetts. She has shown her work nationally and is the recipient of several awards, publications, and grants, including the Surface Design Association, The Boston Globe, and The New Bedford Cultural Council. Recent solo installations include Symbiosis at the Edwards Art Gallery in Holderness, NH, Enmeshed at Installation Space in North Adams, MA, and Community Blooms, a community-based project culminating in an immersive art installation on display at the New Bedford Whaling Museum in the Fall of 2024. She attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (M.F.A) and Bates College (B.A). 

Images courtesy of Chris Diani


Questioning constructed boundaries, hierarchies, and entrenched systems, my artistic research and creative practice explores the complexities and interconnections between humans, nonhumans, and technology as they relate to the environments we cross between and live within. Shifting cultural perspectives toward empathy and care for the environment and away from extractive and exploitative behaviors, requires deep investigation into places and ecosystems, examining them through multiple angles and perspectives. It requires a transdisciplinary and rhizomatic approach to art-making, through research, collaboration, process, medium, and education. Various materials and processes are used in making object-oriented reflected forms and experiential physical installation spaces to influence, attract, manipulate, and challenge the viewer. The lens, lighting, projection, and integrated technologies are used as a departure point to question interdependencies between humans, and nonhumans, and the systemic effects on the environment.